W260 X D108 X H300mm
Cell Size
InBox Size(mm): W285 X D140 X H345 / 1.5kg
DC12V / 350mA
Power Consumption


With15 years of accumulated knowledge and technology in sterilizing, deodorizing, and drying devices, KLENZ introduces "Helmet Care Solution", responsible for hygienic maintenance of helmets exposed to germs, odors, and humidity.
KLENZ's cutting-edge technology "Air Shower System" sterilizes, deodorizes, and dries every small corner of the object, unlike the conventional UV sterilizer which sanitizes only the surface where the UV light may be reached.
Keeps the helmet clean, fresh, and bacteria-free!
- Sterilizing with ozone
- Deodorizing
- Drying
How to operate
After plugging in the power, the product be operated by Micro Switch or Runtime Button
Applicable objects
Hat, Motorcycle Helmet, Safety Helmet, Bicycle helmet, Cap
Installation Example
Smart Useage with extension Cable
- How to install multi units at a time.
After connecting 2 main Units with a extension cable, and operate with one AC adapter.
Installation Example
Subway Station: Obong Station in Uiwang-si, Korea
Packing Detail
- One Unit (mm): W260 x D140 x H345 / 1.5kg
- One CTN(6 Units)(mm): W590 x D450 x H370 / 12kg