Brand "Klenz" means
Klenz is the pronunciation of cleans, meaning to clean, to clean.
This is an integrated brand for new concept environmental products for a clean and clean living environment.
The logo symbolizes the accent of the phonetic symbol as a symbol of clean,
representing the identity of klenz well. The vibrant green triangle symbolizes life, nature, and cleanliness,
and is a brand that embodies the philosophy of “love nature and respect for humanity” of a company.

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Klenz Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Sterilizing-Deodorizing-Drying Device. With 15years accumulated knowledge and technology, KLENZ company has leading the market and our product are used by leading companies, medical center, hotel, sports clubs, etc with good reputation. KLENZ’s cutting-edge technology “Air Shower System” sterilizes, deodorizes and dries every small corner of the object, unlike the conventional UV sterilizer which sanitizes only the surface where the UV light may be reached.
KLENZ company has its effort continuously with the motto “ Looks may often be imitated, but technology and credibility may never be duplicated.” KLENZ helps keep footwear, helmet, clothes clean, fresh, and bacteria-free.
Please enjoy clean life and environment with KLENZ!